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MOMMY & BABY YOGA (six weeks old to just crawling)

Come bend, breathe and bond with your baby, while getting back in shape, in this fun and playful one hour class. Our one of a kind mommy baby yoga class is challenging enough for regular practitioners, as well as absolute beginners. Baby will get in on all the fun while we practice flowing asanas, challenging poses, and plenty of tummy toning and strengthening exercises, including a super effective standing abs section. And we won't forget about baby yogi! We have lots of really useful yoga techniques that will help with your infants sleep cycles, digestion and fussiness. Silly songs, toys, puppets, hugs, kisses and giggles make this a not to be missed class experience for you and your baby. Our special soft mat flooring provides you both with a safe and child friendly environment to enjoy the class. Relax and stay for complimentary tea afterwards. No yoga experience necessary. 6 class yoga passport is good for two months from activation. Class is 1 hour.


Parents partner with their child in this fun and fast paced yoga class. Roar like a lion, bark like a dog, fly like an airplane, or flutter your wings like a butterfly as we sing songs, tell stories, tumble, jump on the trampoline, get our sillies out, and make friends with the OM Kids puppet family. Caretakers are welcome. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 45 minutes.

YOGI TOTS (Ages 3 - 4)

Our fun and imaginative class for mini yogi's will help kids increase their flexibility and build social skills while practicing simple yoga poses, singing familiar songs, interacting with our puppets, acting out stories, and engaging in our unique yoga games. Imaginations are encouraged to run wild as we visit beaches, zoos, rain forests and circuses all over the world on our magical yoga adventures. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 45 minutes.

YOGA PRETZELS (Ages 4 - 6)

Let's get bendy, go upside down and challenge our bodies in this energy releasing yoga class. Kids learn how to calm down and relax with basic breathing exercises and creative visualizations. We'll make art, play games, and take fabulous yoga adventures to African savannas, Arabian deserts, and outer space. Self expression is highly encouraged and laughter guaranteed as kids build strength, increase flexibility, and learn how to focus and concentrate. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 1 hour.

PEACE WARRIORS (Ages 7 - 10)

Partner poses, group games, self awareness and respect for others are emphasized in this fun and creative class. Children will learn a variety of techniques and exercises to help them relax and calm their minds, as well as build strength, increase flexibility and improve coordination. Kids will practice challenging yoga poses and flowing asanas, while playing our OMazing games. Lots of crafts and cool music A great class for making new friends and trying new things. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 1 hour.

YOGA CROWS (Ages 10-12)

Our class just for tweens is a great transition class from our kid classes to our teen classes. Kids will practice flowing asanas, arm balances, headstands and balance poses while also learning great ways to relieve stress and anxieties with breathing and relaxation techniques. Tweens are starting to deal with lots of new experiences and issues. Plus this is the age where school (socially, as well as academically) starts to become really stressful. We provide them with a place to come where they can just be themselves while relaxing, getting fit, and having fun. A great class to join with a BFF. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 1 hour.


Our teen program will promote inner peace and outer strength, as kids practice flowing sequences, restorative yoga postures and deep relaxation, in our safe, be yourself, no judgement environment. Our instructors have special training specifically for teens. We keep it fun and upbeat with challenging poses, focus and concentration games, and open communication between all participants. This is the population that needs yoga the most. Kids are dealing with all kinds of stuff, both physically and emotionally. Yoga gives them the necessary tools to deal with their emotions, stress, body image issues and peer pressure. Lots of cool music and relaxation time to start the weekend off just right. 8 class yoga passport is good for ten weeks from activation. Class is 1 hour.


All the yoga fun with an economy friendly price tag. Storytelling, music, upside down time and lots of games are emphasized. Our only drop in class of the week is always tons of fun! Class is 45 minutes.

STORY TIME (all ages)

The most fun Story Time around! Join us for this wonderful free class where great books and our Puppet Family take center stage. We'll warm-up our bodies with a game or a Sundance before our story. Books are chosen that naturally lend themselves to yoga. These are stories that focus on animals and elements of nature - the basis of many yoga poses. We"ll stop the story, do the pose, and then continue with the story. Class is 1/2 hour. FREE TO ALL!!!


We are available for private one-on-one yoga lessons, as well as lessons for small and large groups. Either at our studio, your school, or in the privacy of your own home, we will create a yoga class specifically for your needs. We can accommodate most groups. By appointment only.


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